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On the Shy Side? Five Tips on How to Network Naturally

Tags: Networking, Networking Events, tips

“Pulling a good network together takes effort, sincerity and time” – Alan Collins  Read more ›

Networking Events: Why Preparation is Key

Tags: Students, Networking, Networking Events

One of the many opportunities for students at the Telfer School of Management is networking events.  Read more ›

Five Virtual Networking Goals to Set for Yourself this Fall Term… and tips to achieve them

Tags: Networking, Networking Events, covid19, tips

After several months of confinement (and a very, VERY slow de-confinement), we are finally approaching our very first all-virtual back‑to‑school season. And just as virtual networking events and workshops have been a prominent feature of the Career Centre’s programming this summer, building relationships virtually is becoming a crucial strategy for just about any job-seeking student.  Read more ›

How to Best Prepare for Telfer Networks

Tags: Students, Networking, Networking Events

Telfer Networks is coming soon. For many students, it’s the perfect opportunity to make one’s entrance in the business world. For others, it’s a way to meet again with potential employers.  Read more ›

Tips for Attending your First Networking Event Alone

Tags: Networking, Networking Events, Perspective

Late Monday, I finally decided to attend a school‑hosted networking event on my own.  Read more ›

My Experience at Telfer Connects

Last Thursday, I had the chance to attend Telfer Connects, an annual networking event organized by the Career Centre for third- and fourth-year students. This year, there were more than 30 companies and around 300 students in attendance.  Read more ›

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