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Tips to Finish your Semester Strong

Tags: Exam Tips, Stress Management, Exams

Time flies very quickly as we are heading toward the end of the winter semester and slowly getting ready for summer jobs and internships. In order to get to those joyful points we all need so badly, we must face a period of sleepless nights and hours spent in the library, reading pages of materials, and memorizing countless formulas and facts – the finals period. What can we do to reduce the stress and the pressure we are experiencing in order to finish the semester strong?  Read more ›

The word stress in pencil

Tags: Stress Management

By the end of the academic year, students are facing many challenges, including studying for final exams, doing research projects and having to look for a summer job. As students expend a lot of energy and resources to perform, they start to experience stress. In order to manage stress better, it is important to first recognize the different signs of stress and take on good habits to alleviate it.    Read more ›

3 Tips on Reducing Stress

Tags: Stress Management

Planning what you need to accomplish in a day during the night before can help you to put into perspective what you need to get done throughout the day. By planning a manageable amount of work to do, this will help you to relax, having a plan of what you will accomplish the following day. Doing this will help you to hit the ground running for the following day.  Read more ›

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