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1 Strategic Direction:

Transform the Telfer School of Management student experience across our program portfolio in a way that is responsive to evolving market needs, inspired by research and supported by the community.  This will be driven by our distinctive Strategic Areas of Expertise and our global mindset.

6 Strategic Goals:

  1. Provide a top rated student experience.
  2. Intensify our internationalisation.
  3. Pursue research excellence.
  4. Build the Telfer School’s international reputation on the strength of Strategic Areas of Expertise.
  5. Support these initiatives by engaging  and leveraging our regional, national and global academic, business and alumni communities.
  6. Build the Telfer School’s funding and resource capacity.

3 Strategic Areas of Expertise:

We intend to build the Telfer School’s international reputation on the strength of our Strategic Areas of Expertise.  The concept of an SAE is that it will cover a full spectrum of academic activities from knowledge generation and dissemination, to academic and professional programs, to outreach and community connections. We expect SAEs to emerge from the excellence of our research that informs our programs, impacts business, and is inspired by both theory and practice.

These areas will evolve over time, but at present, we have committed to the following three areas: innovation and entrepreneurshiphealth systems management and business analytics and performance.

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