L'École de gestion Telfer est fière d'annoncer que Guillaume Lemieux est le premier récipiendaire de la Bourse MGSS Michel Lalonde.

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The goal of the Michel Lalonde scholarship is to recognize a student in the MHA program who exhibits exceptional leadership qualities manifested through academic excellence and engagement in extracurricular activities.

During the last year, Guillaume has acted not only as MHASA (MHA student association) President but sat on the MHAAA (MHA alumni association) as the MHA student representative. Guillaume is the Student Life Commissioner for the Graduate Student Association (GSAÉD); he has also played a role on the committee for the University of Ottawa Francophone Network and was also part of the executive committee for the new University of Ottawa student centre.

About Mr. Michel Lalonde

Mr. Lalonde completed his Bachelor of Commerce in 1969 and his Master in Health Administration (MHA) degree at the University of Ottawa in 1972.

After a rewarding and productive career in healthcare administration throughout the Ottawa and Hawkesbury areas, Michel joined the Master of Health Administration program at the Telfer School of Management as Executive-in-Residence (2000-2009). He proved to be an invaluable contributor to the university community and to the students. Upon his arrival to the school he took on the role of helping his colleagues better understand the complexities of delivering health services. His function as mentor to students became a deep rooted passion, not only concerning academics but about life after university. His dedication, optimism and positive demeanor inspired all of us who worked with Michel and motivated our students to excel in the classroom and beyond. His wise advice, delivered always with a smile, touched the lives of many of us and we will carry it in our hearts. Through the Michel Lalonde MHA Scholarship we will make sure that Michel’s values endure within the MHA program and are passed on to future generations of students.