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The Benefits of Studying in French Immersion at Telfer

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Melissa Cinicolo

by Melissa Cinicolo Website ›

4th-year BCom/JD Student

The University of Ottawa is known for being the largest bilingual university in the world. Telfer’s French Immersion program will provide you with countless opportunities. My journey at Telfer in the French Immersion stream provided me with an experience like no other. 

University of Ottawa - Tabaret PavilionThe first reason to study in the French Immersion program at Telfer is due to the various scholarships that are offered. Secondly, there are a variety of unique courses offered in the French Immersion stream. Lastly, studying in Telfer’s French Immersion program unlocks doors to future employment opportunities worldwide.

Scholarships and contests

Imagine getting paid to study! Not only do you get to expand your French knowledge through the French Immersion program, but you also can receive scholarships of $1,000 yearly. This scholarship is provided to all who fulfill the minimum requirements. Furthermore, the University of Ottawa hosts various contests to encourage high school students to participate, who have the chance to win a scholarship to study inFrench Immersion. In Grade 10, I had the opportunity to enter the French Immersion Video Clip competition “Comment le français a changé ma vie” hosted by the University of Ottawa. I was fortunate enough to rank second place in Canada and was awarded an $8,000 scholarship. This scholarship influenced my decision to enter the French Immersion Bachelor of Commerce/Juris Doctor program. I am very proud to be bilingual. Below is a flashback of my Grade 10 award-winning video clip!

Unique courses

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A second advantage of being in the French Immersion stream is the opportunity to take an additional course which compliments a mandatory ADM (business) course. Students who are registered in a mandatory ADM course may opt to take a corresponding French course to assist them in building strong French language skills. This additional French Immersion course provides 3 credits which count as an out-of-faculty elective. This is a great way for Telfer students to complete some elective courses while improving their French language skills. 

Future career opportunities

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The third benefit of studying in the French Immersion stream at Telfer is the various future career opportunities available to students. The National Capital Region provides an abundance of employment possibilities with the Government of Canada. Potential employers often seek students with French language skills. Students who are fluent in French are more marketable and have endless career options. Fluency in the French language also offers the possibility to work worldwide and build business connections around the globe.


Investing in the French Immersion Program at Telfer is a valuable asset which inspires endless possibilities for students. Pursuing studies in the French language presents students with various alternatives in today’s business world. Engaging in French language learning brings numerous advantages such as various bursary options, unique courses selection, and lastly, students will make themselves more attractive to potential employers. Now that you've learned the benefits of studying in the French Immersion stream, take the next step to better your career and join the French Immersion program at Telfer. Canada is a bilingual country, so why not pave your path to success by strengthening your French language education? 

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