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I Signed Up for the Career Development Certificate… and Here’s Why You Should Too!

Woman using a laptop.

Jamie Harvie

by Jamie Harvie

3rd-Year Student in Management (French immersion)

After struggling to find my first CO-OP placement last year, I realized that my interview skills needed some serious help. I signed up for the Career Development Certificate so that I could learn how to be as employable as possible post-graduation. Here are 3 of the many reasons you should also sign up!

1. You gain a lot of confidence by attending relevant workshops and events

Job hunting can be intimidating (to say the least). So, why not gather the right tools before graduating? It’s never too early start preparing for the professional world. By attending workshops such as, “Ace Your Interview,” or “Network Like a Pro,” you will gain the confidence you need to impress future employers.

2. You get to ask questions in a supportive environment

I may be biased from working with the Career Centre, but the Career Centre Team is super helpful. Each staff actively does everything they can to provide students with the best resources. Through individual consultations with the Career Counsellor or one of the three relationship managers, you will get all your questions answered. Trust me, after working with them all summer, I know that they genuinely want us to thrive professionally.

3. You can add the certificate to your resumé

To attend workshops is one thing, but to show off your learnings is another! Once you’ve completed all 10 activities, you will receive a certificate for your hard work. This is a great addition for your resumé and LinkedIn profile, or even something to talk about during interviews!

Signing up for the Career Development Certificate is one of the most proactive step you can take to prepare for the job market post-graduation. Not only will you develop skills and knowledge, but you’ll receive an actual certificate. Plus, this is a free program, so why not put yourself ahead of the job market game by preparing early?