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Tales from the Trenches: Opportunities to Pivot with changes in Consumer Behaviour

Join us during this round table discussion with entrepreneurs and experts who will be discussing changes in consumer behaviour that have been introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic. From grocery and cleaning product shopping, to working out; from concerts and activities to eating out; the current world pandemic has forced all businesses and consumers to rethink traditional habits in our daily lives. These changes have disrupted organizations strategies and tactics but also present new opportunities for those willing to battle it out in the trenches.

Fellow Telfer alumni and faculty will be available to discuss the latest trends and tell their candid stories as they have worked to pivot their business and thrive in this new normal. This round table discussion is being co-hosted by Telfer School of Management and uOttawa's Entrepreneurship Hub. The webinar is open to all Telfer and uOttawa alumni, students and other entrepreneurs.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video. To find out more about the Telfer School of Management, visit our website.