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Welcome to Innovative Thinking, a new platform created to share the latest in knowledge development at Telfer School with the community, academics, and potential research collaborators.

Be inspired by a selection of innovative research ideas, from articles published by our faculty in top-management journals to award-winning research projects. Telfer School’s Innovative Thinking shows our commitment towards research excellence without losing sight of our impactful role in the community.

Bank Credit Risk Disclosure in Complex Regulatory Environments

Professor Kaouthar Lajili received a Telfer School of Mangement Research Grant to examine how credit risk disclosures impact bank performance. Her project will compare the effect of multiple levels of regulation on credit risk over time, with a focus on Canadian and Italian banks. Read more ›

The Business of Accelerating Sustainable Urban Transformations in Canada

Professor Daina Mazutis has received a Knowledge Synthesis grant by the Social Sciences and Humanities Council to review the existing research on the topic. By doing so, she hopes to determine key issues, best practices, limitations, and knowledge gaps around the governance and capacity-building required to accelerate the role of business in sustainable urban transformation projects in Canada. Read more ›

COVID-19 Stories: Understanding Corporate Engagement during COVID-19

Telfer professors Saouré Kaoumé and Magda Donia offer valuable insights into what organizations can do to make a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more ›

Telfer Graduate Research Students Continue to Amaze in 2019-2020

Telfer graduate students contribute considerably to the excellent research achievements of our school. Beyond their research activities they find exciting and creative ways to challenge fellow students and professors and enhance the overall research experience for everyone. Each year the Telfer School acknowledges these outstanding student accomplishments with two graduate student research awards: the PhD Engagement Award and the John Duncan and Deb Cross Award. Read more ›

Telfer Researchers Enhance the Five-Factor Fama-French Model

François-Éric Racicot and William F. Rentz, Professors co-authored the article “Testing the new Fama and French factors with illiquidity: A panel data investigation,” published in Finance. We interviewed Professors Racicot and William F. Rentz to learn more about the practical implications of their study. Read more ›

Emerging Researcher of the Year in 2020: Agnes Grudniewicz

Assistant Professor Agnes Grudniewicz receives the 2020 Telfer Research Excellence Award as Emerging Researcher of the Year. Find out more. Read more ›

Professor Bonaccio

Full professor Silvia Bonaccio receives the 2020 Telfer Research Excellence Award as Established Researcher of the Year. Find out more. Read more ›

Covid-19 Stories - Technologies and Seniors in the COVID-19 Era

From tools that monitor and manage seniors’ health conditions to communication platforms that connect seniors with their families and friends, several new technologies can make a major difference for seniors during the COVID-19 crisis if effectively leveraged. But are there challenges in engaging the population of seniors in these technologies? Two researchers from Telfer discuss how health information and communication technologies can help the population of seniors overcome the hurdles brought by physical distancing. Read more ›

Telfer Forum - Workplace Mental Health: When your Workplace Becomes your Home

The COVID-19 crisis has had a major impact on the way we work. Most of us are teleworking, managing major projects remotely, and working with virtual teams. To encourage social interactions, some teams even hold virtual happy hours, tea socials or coffee breaks. Over the past weeks working from home, the line between life and work has blurred significantly, especially for those who must also take on more responsibilities on the home front. How do home-based-workers navigate these distractions and the disconnection brought about by this distance working?  Read more ›

Event poster

The COVID-19 crisis has had a major impact on the global economy, but how is this new reality really affecting Canadian businesses? In this first online Telfer Forum, three experts discuss what our business community, from new ventures to established businesses, needs to do to stay resilient during this unprecedented crisis and to rebound afterwards.  Read more ›

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