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Welcome to Innovative Thinking, a new platform created to share the latest in knowledge development at Telfer School with the community, academics, and potential research collaborators.

Be inspired by a selection of innovative research ideas, from articles published by our faculty in top-management journals to award-winning research projects. Telfer School’s Innovative Thinking shows our commitment towards research excellence without losing sight of our impactful role in the community.

Two business owners

Ramzi Fathallah was hired last July as an assistant professor in entrepreneurship and family business at the Telfer School of Management. He completed his PhD in entrepreneurship at Ivey Business School in 2017. We interviewed him to learn more about his research interests in family business and how entrepreneurs overcome difficulties.  Read more ›

PhD Spotlight — Afshin Kamyabniya

Afshin Kamyabniya began the PhD in Management program at Telfer in 2017 after receiving a master’s in industrial engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology. He is working with professors Jonathan Patrick and Antoine Sauré and specializing in health systems. We interviewed him to learn more about his research interests in healthcare operations, logistics, and disaster relief operations.  Read more ›

Improving digital technology uptake in senior health care organizations

Professor Mirou Jaana has received a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Development Grant to study how health information technology (IT) decisions are made in senior care organizations. Her research examines health IT adoption in long-term care homes and identifies the key factors that can guide and influence decision-making related to digital health technologies in these settings. Read more ›

Student Caroline

Caroline Chamberland-Rowe started a PhD in management in 2016 after earning an MSc in Health Systems at the Telfer School of Management. She first joined Telfer after completing her undergraduate degree in international development and globalization at uOttawa. At Telfer, Caroline trained under the supervision of Professor Ivy Bourgeault. We interviewed her to learn more about her research on equitable access to maternity care. Read more ›

Managing talent in emerging markets: The value of intercultural competencies

Emerging markets such as in Asia and South America continue to attract Canadian businesses and investment. A new study led by Professor A.J. Corner identifies three context-specific competencies required for leaders and employees to succeed in multinational companies operating in these markets. Read more ›

Context defines project performance in Africa

Professor Lavagnon Ika has been awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Grant to study the role that context (economic, political, socio-cultural, institutional, and managerial) plays in project performance in French-speaking Africa. Read more ›

Grocery retailer holding a tablet

Sandra Schillo and McGill University have partnered with Canada’s leading food and beverage manufacturing associations and industry partner Bivizio to develop a digital platform that will strengthen the connection between industry and supply chain, increase economic viability in the food sector and maintain food security for Canadian consumers. The total value of the combined research project will be over $3 million. Read more ›

student protest in front on Parliament in Ottawa

When addressing human suffering, social injustices or environmental damage, many activist groups have criticized how we understand the idea of profit. Darlene Himick examines how activists are redefining profit and using “counter discourses” as tools of resistance. Now she is studying the fossil fuel divestment movement, where activists are questioning what profitable investments are and arguing that profitability need not take precedence over environmental sustainability. Read more ›

Fostering space entrepreneurship through strong alliances

A timely new study on the space industry led by Wadid Lamine, has found that entrepreneurship innovation only really takes off when policymakers, entrepreneurs, established firms and university researchers build strong alliances. Lamine and his collaborators interviewed major manufacturers, innovative space startups, small and medium enterprises, universities, space research centres, technology transfer officers and space business incubators in Europe. Read more ›

Cultivating sustainable cities and communities by tackling climate change

Professor Daina Mazutis received a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Grant to study how certain urban construction and development companies around the world are tackling climate change by incorporating zero carbon emission and zero waste goals into their planning processes. Read more ›

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