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SMRG Funded Postdoctoral Fellow: Anoosheh Rostamkalaei

Anoosheh Rostamkalaei received a Telfer School of Management Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Support Grant to pursue her research interests and contribute to the Telfer School’s Area of Strategic Impact Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategic Management. Read more ›

How to Rebuild after the Pandemic: Thought-Provoking and Ethical Reflections

In a virtual special issue that he prepared for the Journal of Business Ethics, Professor Riaz emphasizes the need for in-depth reflection. Organizations attempt to address the immediate problems and the underlying societal challenges that will endure beyond the current crisis. However, it may not be that easy to heal the scars left by the pandemic in our globally connected socioeconomic, ecological, and production systems. Read more ›

Psychological and Social Processes Can Influence Consumer-Service Provider Interactions and Prevent Service Failure

Ahmed Ben Ayed was hired as an Assistant Professor in Marketing at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. We interviewed him to learn more about his research interests in the customer-service provider interaction. Read more ›

Solving Patient Scheduling Problems through Analytics

Professor Jonathan Patrick received a Natural Science and Engineering Research Council Discovery Grant to optimize analytic models for improved scheduling, planning, and decision-making challenges in various health care settings. Read more ›

Emergence and Resilience of Decentralized Brands: Cryptocurrencies

Mariam Humayun was hired as an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. We interviewed her to learn more about her research interests in cryptocurrencies. Read more ›

Understanding How Institutions Shape Corporate Philanthropy

Evelyn Micelotta was hired as an Associate Professor at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. We interviewed her to learn more about her research interests in the area of family business. Read more ›

Bank Credit Risk Disclosure in Complex Regulatory Environments

Professor Kaouthar Lajili received a Telfer School of Mangement Research Grant to examine how credit risk disclosures impact bank performance. Her project will compare the effect of multiple levels of regulation on credit risk over time, with a focus on Canadian and Italian banks. Read more ›

Understanding Corporate Engagement during COVID-19

Telfer professors Saouré Kaoumé and Magda Donia offer valuable insights into what organizations can do to make a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more ›

Telfer Graduate Research Students Continue to Amaze in 2019-2020

Telfer graduate students contribute considerably to the excellent research achievements of our school. Beyond their research activities they find exciting and creative ways to challenge fellow students and professors and enhance the overall research experience for everyone. Each year the Telfer School acknowledges these outstanding student accomplishments with two graduate student research awards: the PhD Engagement Award and the John Duncan and Deb Cross Award. Read more ›

Telfer Researchers Enhance the Five-Factor Fama-French Model

François-Éric Racicot and William F. Rentz, Professors co-authored the article “Testing the new Fama and French factors with illiquidity: A panel data investigation,” published in Finance. We interviewed Professors Racicot and William F. Rentz to learn more about the practical implications of their study. Read more ›

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