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Gabriel Bouchard-Phillips – Young Achiever’s Award 2018

Philanthropy matters most to me. The importance of giving time, money and knowledge to others is one of the most valuable lessons I learned as a student of the Telfer School. My experiences as a member of our School’s Jeux du Commerce team, the Finance Society and the Entrepreneurs’ Club supplied and reinforced this truth.

My involvement in the Entrepreneurs’ Club was especially instructive. Not only did I come to understand the role philanthropy plays in a rewarding career, but I also discovered the value of a mentor to help steer my career in the right direction. Luckily for me, I’ve since found two advisors who, among other things, have stressed just how essential reconnecting with my alma mater is to being a professional. Simply put, everyone who thrives in business has a duty to share his or her success in meaningful ways.

As someone who has succeeded as a partner and portfolio manager in an investment firm, I give to the Telfer School in several ways—speaking at events, acting as a mentor and funding scholarships that stress academic achievement and community involvement. A few years back, I based my philanthropy on a simple principle: support two students per year and then build from there. I urge young Telfer School alumni and soon-to-be graduates to profit from my example. Find a mentor who is passionate about his or her business. Adopt a giving principle that works best for you. Start sharing your success.