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The future of mental health in the workplace

What does research in psychology mean for organizations? What does it mean to feel mentally supported by workplaces? How can individuals be appropriately accommodated during interviews?

These are the kinds of questions Telfer research students are empowered to ask in their program. Telfer Master of Science in Management (MSc) students work to find solutions to relevant challenges or common barriers facing organizations, societies and individuals. Whether exploring a thesis or a project, Telfer MSc students gain hands-on experience by getting to know the challenges they hope to provide better insights on.

Avery Hughes, an MSc student in organizational behaviour and human resources (OBHR), was drawn to the program because she would be able to ask her own big questions and find her own answers. She’s motivated to make an impact not only for the sake of her own career, but also for research and business communities.

Hughes’ research project will explore how to enhance the interview process for individuals with intellectual disabilities. With the support of fellow Telfer researchers like Associate Professor Jennifer Dimoff and valuable tools like the Triple I Lab on campus, Hughes’ OBHR-focused research project will generate insights for employers on conducting better interviews and creating a happier workplace.

The Triple I (Inclusion, Interaction and Intervention) Lab is a state-of-the-art research centre dedicated to analyzing social interactions in work settings, available to MSc students like Hughes. Dimoff, one of the lab’s co-leaders, is an employee mental health and well-being expert who explores the intersection between occupational health and safety and employee training and development programs.

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