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Why You Should Avoid Using the “Best Resumé Templates” From the Internet

Woman waiting as two individuals read a paper with the word "Resume" on it.

Susan Habib

by Susan Habib

2nd-Year Student in Marketing

Have you been wondering why you are not getting any interview invitations? It may be because you are using a resumé template found you in a minute through your favourite web browser. Did you know that 70% of resumés go unseen by employers? Meaning? Your chances of setting yourself apart are slim, especially if you use the “best resumé templates” commonly suggested by the “browser that must not be named”. Here’s why.

1. They are often overly formatted

Finding an appropriate format for your resumé is a vital step in your job hunt. A well-formatted resumé is simple, clean, easy to read and includes accurate and relevant content. Too often, resumé templates found through a quick Internet search are full of formatting features, such as text boxes and tables that are likely to compromise the readability of your resumé by humans and bots alike.

2. They are often full of empty space

There is a delicate line between having too much and too little white space. When there is not enough white space on your resumé, it seems crowded and challenging for recruiters to read and follow. Too much white space, on the other hand, makes your resumé appear empty and devoid of information, as is the case with many heavily formatted templates commonly found on the web.

3. They often contain problematic/irrelevant elements

Photographs. Marital status. Cute infographics. Multiple columns. Elaborate fonts. Schedule pie charts. Skills bar charts. Four-line skill statements, etc. These are just a few examples of the many elements found in those “best” resumé templates found online that add virtually no value to your resumé. Use your space wisely: if we cannot know in less than 10 seconds if you qualify for the position, go back to the drawing board.

Choosing the best resumé template for you to get the job you want (or any job, for that matter) can be difficult. Hopefully, these points have helped you realize why you should not use just any resumé template found online . Instead, check out the Career Centre Team, as they can assist you in crafting an impactful resumé that will be seen and noticed. Schedule a resumé critique with the Professional Development Coordinator at the Career Centre through Career Launch now.