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“I Hate My life!”: How Getting Involved on Campus Has Positively Transformed my Telfer Experience

Jackson Hines

by Jackson Hines

3rd Year Marketing Student

After finishing my first year of university, I wouldn’t have told anyone I was enjoying my time there. I didn’t love my classes too much, I wasn’t sure if my program was for me, and I didn’t know too many people. The idea of returning for my second year and to go through it all over again was a daunting prospect..

I had no idea how I could change my experience this time around to actually enjoy myself. At first, I considered changing my faculty. I had always enjoyed my Geography classes throughout high school, and I thought that maybe I should switch to a program in that field. I also considered changing cities and schools. I really love Montreal, and I thought that maybe I should pick up my life at one of its numerous universities. All of these ideas were scary to me though. I didn’t know if I would be able to go through with any of them, and if I did, I thought I might be just miserable in a new setting. I wanted to take a semester off to think about my future. My mom wouldn’t let me do this though, and I didn’t make any of the big changes I had envisioned. So I guess I would be returning to Telfer for my second year.

It was depressing to see summer ending, as I really did not want to return to school. I couldn’t imagine this year being any different from my first. However, I went every day, and for the first few months, it was the exact same as during my first year. I didn’t enjoy my studies at all. Eventually, I made a few new friends, and my relationships grew stronger with the ones I made in the first year. One of those friends asked me if I would like to join Enactus, as someone had recently left. I agreed because I felt like I needed something to put on my resumé. I knew CO-OP was right around the corner, but I had no volunteer experience prior to this. This experience changed everything.

Since the beginning of my first year, everyone has been telling me to ‘Get involved’. I never took that advice seriously. I thought all those clubs were pretentious and lame. I couldn’t imagine joining one. Also, as I barely had time to study, I didn’t think I could manage my time to participate in a club. I am so glad I did though. Since joining Enactus, I’ve met a hundred new people who are super cool, and I have had experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life. I continued to apply to more clubs at the end of my second year, and I am now an executive of MISA, a Career Centre Ambassador, as well as a member of Enactus. Although it is a lot to manage, I have a lot of fun, and it has transformed my university experience. I can see direct applications of my studies in these clubs and I’ve had countless amazing experiences because of them. I wish I hadn’t been so jaded at the beginning of my studies and took the advice that I heard countless times to ‘Get involved’. It’s an amazing feeling to be part of a team and it changed my outlook on university. I am now very happy in my studies, and I am so glad to have gotten involved. So to anyone reading this, for the love of God, get involved in something on campus. It’s an experience you won’t regret.