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Never Take a Good Thing for Granted - David Bishop

David Bishop headshot

David Bishop — Loyal Donor of the Year

The years I spent as a Telfer BCom student were among the best of my life. Not only did I get a thorough grounding in business theory, but I also took non-business courses that both broadened my intellectual horizon and enabled me to view business from varying perspectives. For example, I recall English professor Paul Marcotte fondly. I’m still inspired by his enthusiasm and use his Essays in Speculative Literary Criticism to spur discussions with friends. Speaking of friends, I made many at the Telfer School: it took us 565 steps to walk from the doors of the former Arts Building, now Simard Hall, to the Albion Hotel. I also was active in student affairs, serving as the managing editor of The Fulcrum and director of the central advertising committee. Scholarship, friendship, leadership—mine was a true university education.

I left with a degree and a keen sense of possibility, and used both as a springboard to my future. Ultimately, as a Deloitte partner, I enjoyed working with some of the brightest and most helpful people one could hope for. Looking back, the rewarding experience I enjoyed at the Telfer School was an essential part of my foundation for a wonderful personal and professional life.

I’m also aware that my Telfer School experience was made possible, in part, by the financial support provided by countless donors. My decision to be a steadfast donor stems from my ongoing gratitude for the foundation the school and its backers gave me. My message to Telfer School graduates: as you experience success in your lives, take your turn in contributing to champion those who follow you. Be thankful and show it; contribute so others can enjoy enriching experiences; never take a good thing for granted; and never take this good thing for granted.