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A Happier Canada with Anie Rouleau | Episode 7 (In French)

On this seventh episode of The Keys to a Better Canada podcast, Quebec actress and former television host, Marie Turgeon, leads a discussion in French on what is required to create a happier Canada for all.  
Creating a successful business is a challenge, however, ensuring your business is eco-conscious also makes the journey to career happiness even harder. How do business satisfaction and happiness affect all levels of an organization? How has the pandemic impacted job satisfaction? How can environmentally friendly businesses be profitable?  
Find out how to lead an eco-responsible entrepreneurial journey and how social values no longer need to be viewed as an obstacle to profitability, happiness, and financial viability. Hear from Anie Rouleau, Founder and CEO of the eco-responsible business, The Unscented Company, on the importance of sustainable development and its role in business success.