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Why I got involved with the Telfer School

Group picture of the Career Centre ambassados

Amish Manchanda

by Amish Manchanda

3rd-Year Student in Accounting

One of the main reasons I joined the Telfer Career Centre as an ambassador was because someone told me it would be a great way to learn how to network. The Centre allowed me to start networking in a pressure-free environment. As I started volunteering at networking events and information sessions held by various employers, I was able to practise networking easily. In many of these events, I had to communicate with our guest employers to ensure everything goes smoothly. The best part is that I was paired with another student, usually a volunteer. This proved to be especially important during my first few networking events. It made all the difference knowing that I had a partner there with me.

Getting involved with Telfer also let me see all the opportunities made available to students. I had a chance to meet the people involved in some of my favourite events. When I first heard that it was possible for clubs to prepare case competitions and to compete against other schools from other cities, I was astounded. In other clubs, volunteers are called upon to help organize events such as the CASCO annual gala, which showcases everybody’s hard work towards a great cause. These are only few of the many opportunities and experiences you have access to by getting involved with the Telfer Career Centre. Were it not for my work as an ambassador, I would never have heard or known about some of these events and the complexity of their planning.

Lastly, volunteering at the Telfer School is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to make friends. I often saw the same students in class, but I barely got to know any of them. Once I became an ambassador, I started to realize that many of my classmates were also volunteers! My work as a volunteer gave me a fantastic opportunity to become acquainted with a lot more people from my program and to build my network. This wouldn’t have been possible without the Career Centre!