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Three trends that are transforming recruitment today

Man handing over his CV to a woman.

Chris Eliel Adam’s Yao

by Chris Eliel Adam’s Yao

4th-Year Student in Marketing

The year 2020 has transformed the world of employment by destroying some business models while making other more efficient than ever. Recruiters have embraced not only new practices, but also a renewed vision of their ideal candidates. If you’re wondering how to best position yourself in a game governed by new rules, discover the three following trends that are currently changing the world of recruitment.

Trend no1: electronic recruitment or e-recruitment

Talent Soft defines e-recruitment as a dematerialized form of recruitment encompassing everything from email applications to endowment process management. It is therefore crucial for candidates to become familiar with practices such as virtual job interviews. For those who are more at ease with in-person interactions, the challenge is to demonstrate their talents and enthusiasm, but behind the camera. So, don’t forget: smile, you’re on camera!

Trend no2: out-of-area recruitment

It is no longer impossible to live in Ottawa and to work full-time in Toronto or even in Vancouver. And why not? One of the new trends we are noticing on the job market is out-of-area recruitment. With the integration of telework and e‑recruitment to most business models, distance is no longer an obstacle when it comes to endowment and job seeking.

Trend no3: digital and general skills

With the emergence of telework, the increased digitalization and the repeated lockdowns, it is no longer enough, to wow recruiters, to boast excellent technical skills: candidates must also be able to cope with stress and pressure, be organized and demonstrate autonomy. But the golden ticket, you’ve guessed it, is no other than digital literacy. Some employers are mainly looking for people who can use and share their talents virtually as well as physically.

Now that you know what employers are looking for, you need to gather the tools necessary to meet their needs and to strengthen your general and digital skills as well as your level of comfort in virtual interactions. Luckily, the Telfer Career Centre offers all the resources you need in that department, so don’t hesitate to reach out!


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