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The Role of Self-Assessment in Your Career Development

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Niven Julien

by Niven Julien

3rd-Year Student in Accounting

Imagine your career development as a construction project. Before you start building, you need to know the result you seek. Is it a skyscraper? A house? An apartment? In order to reach your final decision, you have to assess your end goal, determine if you have the right tools, and list all the needed adjustments. The same idea applies to career development. Here are three steps that further explain how self-assessment contributes to your career development.

Step 1: laying the foundation

So, what is your dream job? The answer to this question is what I consider the start of one’s career development, as it helps you identify your interests. For example, when a child decides to become an astronaut, it is often after discovering a strong interest in space exploration. By identifying your interests, you are establishing a great foundation for your career development.

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Step 2: taking in the inventory

Once you have identified the career you want to build, the second step is to determine the skills you need to get there. This means taking stock of the ones you already have, and identifying the ones that should be further developed. If your career is a construction project, your skills are the tools, equipment, and materials you will use to build the end product.

Step 3: Bracing oneself for the journey

Great builders always meet challenging situations. As you take on the journey, know that there will be ups and downs. Self-assessment will indeed shed light on your strengths and weaknesses. But knowledge is power. As a third step, use your strengths as deciding factors for work and look for ways to turn your weaknesses into strengths. Having the right mindset will help you anticipate and overcome potential difficulties.

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