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3 Quick Tips to Succeed in Your Upcoming Virtual Interview

Frustrated man in front of his laptop.

Katerina Polienko

by Katerina Polienko

3rd-Year Student in International Management

A potential co-op employer has finally reached out to you and asked to schedule an interview. But there’s just one catch: it’s virtual… and you never actually had a virtual interview.

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed not only the way we learn but also the way we work. Instead of the face-to-face interviews we’ve all been accustomed to, we were quickly introduced to virtual interviewing. Virtual interviews are just like in-person interviews: nerve-wracking, anxiety-ridden, and stressful! But they come with the added spice of camera malfunctions, uncontrollable background noises, and the classic internet troubles. Don’t worry, however: here are 3 quick tips to knock that upcoming virtual interview out of the park!

Tip 1: dress to impress

You want to impress your employer? The easiest way to do so is by dressing to impress. Wearing business professional attire will portray professionalism and respect towards the interviewer. In addition, it will help you focus and feel more confident. So just because the employer might not see the bottom half of your body, it is still suggested to at least put on a pair of pants (clarification: actual pants, not the pyjama pants you’ve been wearing all week).

Fun tip: Darker colours stand out better on camera!

Tip 2: own your technology

Technology plays a huge role in the success of a virtual interview and now is the perfect time to take control of it. Master the software in which your interview will be conducted, whether it’s Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype. There are tons of online resources to help you learn and understand all the functionalities of these platforms. Practicing turning on and off your camera, muting and unmuting yourself, and using the chat function will allow you to take control of the situation in the case of a technological malfunction. And don’t forget to test your internet connection and assure you have all the necessary hardware (this may include a webcam, a headset, or a microphone).

Fun tip: If something does go wrong don’t worry, just be honest, patient and do your best to troubleshoot. We’ve all been there.

Tip 3: be prepared and have fun!

Your next interview might be conducted from home, but you must treat it with the same level of preparedness and confidence as you would with a regular interview. This includes showing up on time and since handshakes are now out of the picture, making sure you can confidently introduce yourself at the start of the meeting. In addition, prepare the questions you have for the employer beforehand and practice making contact with the web camera and not the screen.

Fun tip: This is our new reality, so try to smile, laugh, and enjoy your chat with your potential future employer!

Need some extra practice? Book an appointment for a Mock Interview with the Career Counsellor at the Telfer Career Centre through Career Launch, and get customized advice!

Now go ace that interview!