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Humans of Telfer – Andrew

“After reflecting on the past 4 years at Telfer, I realize there have been moments where I lost sight of what the purpose was. There is a mentality that’s instilled early in students that it’s simply about getting that piece of paper.

While graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce will look the same on a résumé, what you put into university is what you will get out. Whether it be your understanding of statistical software, your ability to create a presentation and confidently present without saying “um”, or your understanding of micro and macro-economic factors that may affect future business decisions, it differentiates yourself when you are within a workplace.

Therefore, I’d say: make your time at Telfer count. Participate, learn, and find ways to motivate yourself because the classes you are taking are not simply there to get you a piece of paper, but what highly educated individuals who have worked in various industries think will be useful to prepare you for the upcoming future.

Shout out to all the friends I have made through Telfer: it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun without you!”

– Andrew Gudgeon
4th‑year Finance Student

Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York, this weekly feature of the Telfer Career Blog will contain photography of individuals from the Telfer School of Management community and a corresponding narrative that gives us a glimpse into their lives.