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How to ‘Create’ More Time in Your Busy Schedule

Two man talking while sitting around a conference table


by Canesha

3rd-Year MISA Student

Wake up Earlier

As motivation lessens and stress increases, it is common to neglect healthy sleep patterns. Hitting the sack at a reasonable time and getting up early in the morning gives you more energy and ample time to get everything done. In a technology-based society, so much time is spent on mobile devices without us even realizing it. Instead of checking social media when you first rise, get up, shower and eat something. This will give you a healthy start to the day and will make you more prone to study or to be productive.   You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish before 11 a.m.

Schedule Everything

When I say everything, I mean everything! The useful tool I use is Google Calendar because I can set notifications, unlike a traditional agenda. Both options are great but choose which one best suits your personality. If your time management is very poor, it would not hurt to opt in for both methods. On top of school and work-related tasks, here are some items I jot down that may not come to mind:

  • Meals
    Sometimes as students, I find we get stressed and do not eat proper meals. I schedule my meals because there is no point in studying for hours on end if you do not fuel your brain to be in its most active state. You need to be awake and alert to absorb information efficiently.

  • Studying
    It is very easy to say, “I’ll read that tomorrow” or, “when I get home I will review”. Having a visual representation of allocated study time is a good practice to have. This is crucial for me during times where multiple things are due at once (which is almost always).

  • Cleaning
    When everything around you is in order, it is so simple to get things done and focus. Take 10 minutes to clean up your workspace or room and it will make a world of a difference.

These little reminders are great, similar to having a friend who is nagging you to stay on track. It is very rewarding to go back and look at each month, week, or day and be able to see what you’ve accomplished.

Do Activities That You Enjoy

Balancing work and studies can be very stressful. It is important to remember to put down your books when you can no longer focus. The same old routine will make your university experience lack luster and will have you questioning your choices. Once you incorporate things you like into your schedule, whether it be daily or biweekly, you will see improvements. Think about how you can reward yourself after an exam before you go straight into studying for another one. When you know you have an event to go to, you’re more likely to get work and school out of the way sooner and not procrastinate.

With these tips you will look back on your days saying, “I’ve done so much today” as opposed to, “I have so much to do today”.