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Mental Health during COVID-19: Examining the Role of Peer Support Services

In partnership with Psychiatric Survivors of Ottawa, an organization that provides peer support services, doctoral student Elmira Mirbahaeddin and Professor Samia Chreim will examine how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced peer support services. Read more ›

Barista at coffee shop

A new study shows that rising above customer incivility not only benefits customers: positively and assertively tackling customer unfriendliness can also make a major difference for service employees. Jane O’Reilly, a uOttawa expert on workplace wellbeing, and Régine Paquette, founder of Ottawa-based Victoire Boutique, discuss how customer incivility affects employees and provide practical suggestions to manage it meaningfully. Read more ›

Research to Delve into “Toxic” Service Interactions between Customers and Service Providers

A Telfer research project aims to provide new insight into toxic service interactions and service failure. Professor Ahmed Khalil Ben Ayed has been awarded a Telfer School of Management Research Grant (SMRG) to develop, test and validate an empirical measure of the toxicity of the interactions between consumers and service providers. He hopes to identify tools and frameworks to help managers and frontline service providers enhance service delivery and the customer experience. Read more ›

Child playing and parent on the background

Professors Laurent Lapierre and Jane O'Reilly share their insights on what it means to strike a balance among our various roles, especially now that our work and home lives have collided. They also offer tips on how to be a family-supportive boss so you can help employees meet their needs. Read more ›

Telfer Forum Presents

Four experts from the University of Ottawa, Public Services and Procurement Canada and Deloitte Canada discuss how leaders can tackle employee burnout and foster a healthier workplace environment. They shared the latest evidence-based insights and best practices on the subject at a Telfer Forum entitled Breaking Burnout: Improving Employee Mental Health and Well-being. The event was held on March 4, 2020 at the Telfer School of Management. Read more ›

The Impact of Employee Well-being Policies on Corporate Debt Maturity

Debt maturity decisions are the choices companies make between long-term and short-time debt financing. As companies make important choices regarding debt maturity, does their commitment to employee well-being policies lead these firms to make long-term or short-term debt decisions? This is one of the questions motivating Professor Chourou and an international group of researchers. They shared these key results in an article published in the European Management Journal. Read more ›

Do Employees with Mental Illness Benefit from a Supportive Workplace Environment?

Professors Jennifer Dimoff and Laurent Lapierre received a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Development Grant to develop a tool to measure how employees perceive their workplace mental health climate and study the extent to which a supportive mental health climate influences employee work and mental health outcomes. Read more ›

Informal Accommodations as Social Exchange: Canadian Managers’ Reactions to Employees with and without Disabilities

A new research project led by Professor Silvia Bonaccio will provide insights into, and help correct, continued pessimism that managers express about workers with disabilities. For this project, she has been awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Grant. Read more ›

Psychological and Social Processes Can Influence Consumer-Service Provider Interactions and Prevent Service Failure

Ahmed Ben Ayed was hired as an Assistant Professor in Marketing at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. We interviewed him to learn more about his research interests in the customer-service provider interaction. Read more ›

Understanding Corporate Engagement during COVID-19

Telfer professors Saouré Kaoumé and Magda Donia offer valuable insights into what organizations can do to make a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more ›

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