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Working together to strengthen family enterprise: Peter Jaskiewicz joins IMD as Visiting Professor


Peter Jaskiewicz – current and founding Director of the Family Enterprise Legacy Institute (FELI) – has joined the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) as a Visiting Professor. As one of the top-ranked business schools globally, IMD is recognized as a worldwide leader in executive education. Peter will be working directly with the Global Family Business Center, a world-leading center of excellence in research, education and outreach for family enterprises.

“We are delighted to welcome Peter Jaskiewicz to the Global Family Business Center as visiting faculty,” said Peter Vogel, Director of IMD Global Family Business Center and Professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship. “Peter’s expertise with family businesses will be of great value and contribute to our mission of inspiring and helping families to ensure family unity, business success, and to have a positive impact on society.”

Along with being the current and founding Director of FELI, Jaskiewicz is Full Professor of Family Enterprise at Telfer, where he holds a University Research Chair in Enduring Entrepreneurship. Throughout his career, Professor Jaskiewicz has assumed a leading academic position worldwide in the field of family enterprise and made significant contributions to both practice and policy, while being globally recognized by scholars, business families, and advisors for his work.

Professor Jaskiewicz’s origins of interest and passion for studying business families began when he witnessed how – with the sudden death of his uncle – a once successful business was liquidated, and with it, family dynamics soured. As a result, he was motivated to turn his academic focus towards identifying best practices through rigorous research on pressing family business issues.

“I am honored to be joining IMD as a visiting professor, working alongside Peter Vogel and his outstanding team,” shared Professor Jaskiewicz. “I look forward to working together to continue strengthening the family business ecosystem and empowering the next generation of business owners and stewards of wealth.”

To learn more about Professor Jaskiewicz at the IMD Global Family Business Center, visit IMD.

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