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Championing brilliance: Telfer’s 2024 graduate research student award recipients

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Congratulations, Telfer Nation!   
We’re delighted to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our graduate research students. Each of them deserves resounding applause for their tireless commitment to their research goals.  We especially applaud Telfer graduate students for the incredible array of scholarships and awards they received this year in recognition of their talent and scholarly excellence. Join us in extending heartfelt congratulations to this year’s scholarship and award recipients. 

Scholarship success  

Congratulations to the following students on their success in this year’s scholarship competitions:  
Canada Graduate Scholarship (CIHR) 
•    Amanda Kutenski, MSc 
•    Abraham Wan, MSc 
Canada Graduate Scholarship (SSHRC) 
•    Marc Antoine Gnanazan, MSc 
Ontario Graduate Scholarship 
•    Parker Hamilton, MSc 
•    Amanda Kutenski, MSc (declined for CGS) 
•    Danielle Cruise, PhD 
•    Manal Chakra, PhD 
Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship 
•    Abraham Wan, MSc (declined for CGS) 
•    Tin Pham, PhD (DTI) 
Ontario Women’s Health Scholars Award (Council of Ontario Universities) 
•    Mikaila Ortynsky, PhD

Telfer Research Awards 

Each year, Telfer offers generous awards and scholarships to students who demonstrate commitment to their research and the success of the school: 
The PhD Engagement Award recognizes PhD students who show exemplary engagement within the Telfer PhD in Management program. Congratulations to Shirin Biglari and Mikaila Ortynsky for receiving the award this year! 
The François Julien Award honours the contributions of its namesake in creating the PhD in Management program at Telfer. This award supports Telfer’s outstanding PhD students and their research. Congratulations to the 2024 recipient, Wrenford Thaffe!  
The Daniel Zéghal Scholarships were created through the generosity of Professor Zéghal to promote research and skills development in accounting. Congratulations to this year’s recipients, Xinyu Li (MSc) and Xin Ding (PhD)! 

Telfer Graduate Research Programs Thesis Competition  

On March 15, Telfer MSc and PhD students took part in the Graduate Research Programs Thesis Competition. Among 10 oral presentations and eight posters, six presenters stood out for their ability to communicate their research and engage the audience. Join us in congratulating the 2024 winners of the Telfer Graduate Research Student Thesis Competition! 

•    Oral presentations  
o    1st: Shahryar Moradi, PhD  
o    2nd: Valentina Primossi, PhD (DTI) 
o    3rd: Meggie Gilmour, MSc 

•    Poster presentations  
o    1st: Yasaman Gheidar, PhD (DTI) 
o    2nd: Danielle Cruise, PhD  
o    3rd: Mian Wei, PhD  
We also congratulate PhD student Danielle Cruise on receiving funding from CIHR to participate in its 2024 Summer Program in Aging, as well as for being named a top 20 finalist in SSHRC’s Storytellers Challenge. MSc student Noor Kassab also deserves special mention for receiving funding in Telfer’s internal competition to produce her submission to the Storytellers Challenge. 
Last but certainly not least, congratulations to PhD students Shirin Biglari and Sana Pujani on winning the “Most Scalable Solution” award in the 2024 Ivey School of Business Case Competition on Sustainability and Innovation

About the Author

Haifa s’est jointe à la Direction de la recherche de Telfer en mai 2024, dans le cadre du régime travail-études. Elle est titulaire d’une maîtrise en traduction de l’Université d’État de Kent, en Ohio, et fait son doctorat en traductologie. Elle s’occupe notamment de la rédaction d’articles, de la gestion et de l’analyse de données et d’autres tâches administratives.<br/><br/>Haifa joined the Telfer Research Office in May 2024 through the work-study program. She holds an MA in Translation from Kent State University in Ohio and is working towards a PhD in Translation Studies. Her responsibilities include story writing, data management and analytics, and other administrative tasks.

Profile Photo of Haifa Ben Naji