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Toronto Telfer Alumni Network celebrates launch

Toronto Telfer Alumni Network team, smiling

The Toronto Telfer Alumni Network (TTAN) is a group of alumni whose goal is to connect Telfer alumni and current Telfer students in the Toronto area. The TTAN believes that the experiences and sense of community formed as Telfer students are potent tools that can propel one forward in their career, enriching professional relationships, networks, development opportunities, and career opportunities.  “We have noticed that there is a need to support and guide young Toronto alumni as many of them can lose touch after university, despite having a desire to stay connected”, explains Alex Dettman, President of the TTAN. Therefore, the TTAN works to connect Telfer alumni and students in Toronto to foster a continued sense of community, professional development, and support in navigating career opportunities. Run by a group of passionate alumni volunteers, TTAN also works to build an even stronger bond between the Telfer School of Management’s alumni associations and their alumni.

The TTAN held their launching party on May 2, 2019 at the EY Tower in Toronto, ON, where members of the Telfer community were invited to meet the network’s council members and learn more about their mission to connect Toronto alumni.

If you are looking to build your network, connect with alumni, find a mentor or mentee, and have an unforgettable experience along the way, then the TTAN is for you!

Here is an overview of the team:

President: Alex Dettman 
VP Operations: Christopher Weatherhead 
VP Strategic Partnerships: Aziz Garuba 
VP Communications and Marketing: George Khalife
VP Events: Nick Detmer
VP Student Engagement: Aryan Habib 
VP Alumni Engagement: Daniel Shannon 
VP Mentorship: Laura Denham 
Executives: Aurélien Leftick, Ellen Dalicandro, Sarah Nancoo and Aamer Siddiqui.

You can connect with TTAN through their group on LinkedIn:

For any questions relating to the TTAN, please e-mail