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Telfer’s Master of Science Programs Transition to a New Director

Lavagnon Ika, MSc Program Director

Every few years, new program directors are appointed to each graduate and executive-level program at Telfer. The selection committee recommended a program director to take on the Master of Science (MSc) programs, formerly two separate directors. Dean Stéphane Brutus announced Professor Lavagnon Ika as the newest MSc Program Director for both the Health Systems and Management programs at Telfer. He will serve a mandate of three years from July 1st, 2022, to June 30th, 2025. 

Meet the New MSc Programs’ Director 

Lavagnon Ika is a Full Professor of Project Management at the Telfer School, a former Program Director for the MSc in Management, Faculty Leader for the University of Ottawa’s partnerships with African Universities, and the Founding Director of the Major Projects Observatory at Telfer. Professor Ika also holds a joint affiliation with the uOttawa School of International Development and Global Studies. Prior to joining the Telfer School, he earned an MSc and PhD in Project Management from the Université du Québec, where he also held his first positions as a course lecturer and a professor for 11 years. 

History of the Telfer Master of Science Programs 

In 2008, the Telfer School launched two MSc programs in Management and in Health Systems. Over the past couple of years, the MSc in Management has improved and developed considerably with newer concentrations like Innovation Management and the introduction of a program, the research project MSc in Management. The research-based program helps students develop applied research skills to a relevant business topic, preparing them for an exciting career in their field or industry of choice. The project-based program is only one year, so it is a fast way for students to position themselves as experts immediately after their undergraduate degree. Furthermore, students can also register for this program with a CO-OP option, providing them with real-world workplace experience in their field of study. 

Students can also now apply directly to the Bachelor of Commerce + MSc in Management (Research Project) program prior to beginning their undergraduate studies. This allows them to transition from their BCom to MSc program with ease and no disruption, and to complete both an undergraduate and graduate program within 5 years at the Telfer School. 

The Future of the MSc at Telfer 

Professor Lavagnon Ika expressed his excitement for his new position at the School and working with various stakeholders including professors, staff, and students who are involved in these programs. He was highly involved previously as part of the initial ideation of the project-based MSc in Management program. Professor Ika shared some of the objectives he hopes to focus on over the next three years: “actively promoting the program inside and outside Telfer, establishing more connections with industry partners, working with the Research Office to facilitate Mitacs funding for professors and students, especially those in the project-based MSc, increase the quality of the student experience, and targeting and recruiting top students from abroad.”  Professor Ika will surely provide a positive impact on these programs through his leadership.  

Thank you to Professor Patrick and Professor Lapierre 

Thank you to the former directors of the MSc program, Professor Jonathan Patrick and Professor Laurent Lapierre, for their positive impact on each program’s growth and success over the years. Under the guidance of Professor Patrick, the Health Systems program flourished, despite the difficult role of managing the program during the pandemic. 

Additionally, Professor Lapierre was able to make great strides for the Management program as well. Professor Lapierre has the distinction of launching three new concentrations, Finance, Accounting and Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources, as well as a research-project edition of the program.  

Dean Brutus shared his gratitude towards each program director in an email announcement to all staff and faculty at Telfer: “As a result of the hard work of our two colleagues, our MSc programs are now more popular than ever. I would like to thank both Professors Patrick and Lapierre for their outstanding contributions to the MSc Programs in Heath Systems and Management.” Big thank you to both former directors for their hard work and dedication to these leading graduate programs.