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Congratulations to the 2022 “Telfie” Award Winners

2022 Telfie award winners

Each year at the Annual Excellence Recognition Assembly at the Telfer School of Management faculty and staff are recognized for their dedication and remarkable work at Telfer with “Telfie” awards. Selected by their colleagues and peers, each individual has distinguished themselves through excellence in service, a demonstration of leadership and initiative, and commitment to the School. 

The 2022 Awards of Excellence Recipients 

 The 2022 “Telfie”Awards winners were announced in June: 
Support Staff Members  

  • Kathryn Cunningham, Research Coordinator and Administrator 

  • Laurent Lavallée, Marketing Coordinator 

  • Marie-France Legault, Human Resources Officer

Telfer Award trophyFull-Time Faculty Members  

  • Samia Chreim, Professor

Part-Time Faculty Members  

  • Ahmad Teymouri, Part-Time Professor 

Excellence in Teaching Award

  • Darlene Himick, Associate Professor

Patricia Ann O’Rourke Award for Excellence in Service  

Now in its eighth year, this award was established to honour Patricia Ann O’Rourke, an individual who provided exceptional service throughout her career for the greater benefit of the Telfer School and our stakeholders. She personified service excellence and was an inspiration to each of her colleagues, faculty members and support staff alike. Patricia retired in 2014 after 32 years of service.  
This annual award recognizes and celebrate an employee (either faculty or staff) who has demonstrated a strong desire and ability to help others, and in doing so, advances the interests of the School and contribute to the development of a culture of service excellence.  
The 2022 Patricia Ann O’Rourke Award recipient:  

  • Nadine Guervin, Manager, Finance 

Congratulations to each of this year’s Awards of Excellence recipients who embrace the Telfer Vision for a Better Canada through their work and dedication to our School.