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A model to help businesses manage social media growth

Social media apps that businesses use

Alexander Chung

Alexander, the PhD program director, and the Telfer School Dean

John Duncan and Deb Cross Award – 1st prize winner

Alexander is a PhD candidate at the Telfer School of Management (Health Systems specialization). Besides his interest in applying analytics and management information systems methods to the area of mobile health technologies, Alexander loves travelling, playing volleyball, and riding and restoring his many bicycles.

Alexander is the first prize winner of the John Duncan and Deb Cross Award because of his remarkable contribution as the lead author of an article published in the International Journal of Information Management, an internationally renowned peer-review journal.

In this study, Alexander developed a model that allows organizations to track and compare their social media growth. He is currently developing a follow-up study to examine the most dominant problems organizations face at each stage of social media growth.

As social media have become a valuable tool for organizations to reach their clients, Alexander’s research is very important. His model could help organizations be better prepared to deal with challenges that may arise in their use of social media in the future.


Chung, A., Andreev, P., Benyoucef, M., Duane, A., O'Reilly, P., (2017). Managing an organisation's social media presence: An empirical stages of growth model. International Journal of Information Management.

John Duncan and Deb Cross Award

 The John Duncan and Deb Cross Award recognizes two PhD students for the quality and impact of a peer-reviewed publication. Andrea Ghazzawi received the second prize.