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Telfer Continues Strategic Partnership with the Coalition for a Better Future

Dean Stéphane Brutus presenting at the Scorecard Reporting Event

Article published on March 15, 2023, and updated on April 04, 2024.

The Coalition for a Better Future is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the well-being of Canadians through research and action. To measure Canada’s progress, the coalition has developed a scorecard to measure the well-being of Canadians based on 21 key metrics across three central goals: winning globally, living better and growing sustainably.  

These metrics were designed to provide an understanding of the country's progress and areas for improvement. To create this comprehensive scorecard, the Coalition needed a research partner to supply and analyze the complex data. The Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa is proud to be the official research partner of the Coalition and help to bring research-based insights to the forefront of the conversation around well-being and building a Better Canada. As the Honourable Anne McLellan, former deputy prime minister of Canada and coalition co-chair, says,
“The Coalition for a Better Future's scorecard is a vital tool in ensuring that the well-being of all Canadians is at the forefront of our policy decisions, and we couldn't have done our first year of data analysis without our research partner, Telfer School of Management. By measuring and tracking our progress, we can make informed choices that will positively impact the lives of Canadians from coast to coast, which will result in a better Canada for all.’’ 

The scorecard results: A comprehensive understanding of well-being in Canada

Dean Stéphane Brutus, James Price, Mona Fortier, Perrin Beatty Speaking during Scorecard Reporting EventThe Coalition for a Better Future’s Scorecard measures progress in key areas such as economic prosperity, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability. The methodology behind the scorecard is rigorous and data driven. 

According to the Scorecard, there’s been a notable improvement in areas such as access to quality health care and education, as well as a decline in poverty rates. However, there are also areas for improvement, such as the unequal distribution of wealth and the persistent climate change challenges. Another area of concern is income inequality, which the Scorecard found has increased over the past decade. Income inequality can have a negative impact, including increased poverty, reduced social mobility, and decreased access to health care and education. 

A research partner in the quest for a Better Canada  

The Telfer School of Management research initiatives, and its mission of promoting economic prosperity, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability, align with the coalition’s pillars of well-being. In addition to conducting research for the scorecard, Telfer is also involved in initiatives aimed at improving well-being in Canada. This involves student-led projects, collaborative research efforts by professors, and key community partnerships. Telfer's research and expertise in these areas are critical to the Coalition's success and to ensuring that the Scorecard accurately reflects the current state of well-being in Canada for years to come. 

In addition to conducting research and analysis for the Scorecard, Telfer School of Management has also undertaken several projects in partnership with the Coalition. These projects include a study of the impact of affordable housing on well-being, an examination of the relationship between environmental sustainability and economic growth, and an assessment of the role of youth in shaping a better Canada. The Telfer school has also launched the Smart Money Campaign, to promote financial literacy and empower Canadians to make informed financial decisions. The campaign fits with Telfer’s Vision for a Better Canada and its drive for excellence, leadership, and innovation.

The importance of student involvement and engagement in initiatives that contribute to a better Canada cannot be overstated. Telfer is also committed to promoting student involvement in the coalition’s work and to fostering the next generation of leaders passionate about creating a better future for Canadians.

2024 Better Canada Youth Forum: Amplifying Youth Voices for a Sustainable Future 

Participant taking a group photo at the 2024 Better Canada Youth ForumThe second annual Better Canada Youth Forum, held on March 18, 2024, brought together a diverse panel of influential figures and post-secondary student leaders from over 25 universities. The event, hosted at Telfer in collaboration with AIESEC Canada, centred on the theme of elevating youth voices to drive positive change and build a sustainable future for Canada.

Panelists at this year’s forum included Lisa Raitt and Anne McLellan from the Coalition for a Better Future, Robert Asselin from the Business Council of Canada, Justine Hendricks from Farm Credit Canada, Bob Klager from Shell Canada, Samar Jeddi and other AIESEC Canada representatives. The discussions, which were moderated by Daliea Zakaria, emphasized the critical role that youth empowerment can play in shaping Canada’s trajectory.

The main theme that emerged from the insightful talks and exchanges was the intersection of sustainability, prosperity, and affordable housing. Panelists highlighted the urgent need for access to training, support, and skills development programs, and underscored the importance of mentorship as a bundled solution to empower youth and foster their contributions to society.

Justine Hendricks underlined the fundamental issue of housing, stating that “If you can’t put a roof over your head, how can you focus on the future?” This sentiment resonated strongly with attendees, as it illustrates the connection between meeting basic needs and attaining future aspirations.

Samar Jeddi from AIESEC brought attention to the concept of global competitiveness, challenging the audience to question and redefine existing norms and strategies. The forum encouraged participants to think critically about Canada’s place in the global landscape and explore innovative solutions to complex challenges.

The discussions incorporated a wide range of topics, from environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation, to entrepreneurial initiatives and societal change within youth populations. The forum served as a platform for meaningful dialogue, exchanges of ideas, and collaborative problem-solving, paving the way for tangible actions and initiatives that align with creating a better Canada.

The 2024 Better Canada Youth Forum underscored the power of youth voices and their potential to drive meaningful change. By engaging in conversations that matter and advocating for inclusive solutions, Canadian youth are actively contributing to a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

2023 Better Canada Youth Forum

Stéphane Brutus, Lisa Raitt, Robert Asselin, Justine Hendricks, Eugene Lee,  Anne McLellan speaking during 2023 Better Canada Youth ForumThe day before the Scorecard was launched, the Telfer School hosted the 2023 Better Canada Youth Forum, which brought together over 100 youth leaders from more than 30 universities across Canada to discuss important issues facing the country.

The event featured prominent speakers such as Telfer Dean Stéphane Brutus, The Honorable Anne McLellan, The Honorable Lisa Raitt, Robert Asselin, senior vice president, at the Business Council of Canada), Justine Hendricks (Farm Credit Canada president and CEO) and Eugene Lee, national president of AIESEC Canada. Topics ranged from the need for a comprehensive scorecard to measure Canada’s economic and social progress to investments in rural areas and support for young people’s success.

Associate professor Wadid Lamine from the Telfer research team presented an overview of the Coalition’s Scorecard metrics, along with online polls. At breakout sessions, students and leaders discussed these issues in more detail. These discussions provided valuable insights and feedback that will be taken into consideration when developing strategies for a better Canada.
 Students taking a group photo at the 2023 Better Canada Youth Forum eventAttendees praised the forum for giving young people an opportunity to participate in a two-way conversation with leaders. According to Jeremy Yau, a Telfer healthcare analytics student, “forums like these are really important to have an actual dialogue rather than just a one-way conversation.” Alexander Parsan, president of Enactus at uOttawa, stressed the importance of learning about the different needs and progress being made in Canada towards a more inclusive, greener, wealthier, healthier and happier future. Eugene Lee from AIESEC praised the forum for enabling diverse perspectives to come together.

The event was widely regarded as a success, with attendees appreciating the opportunity to speak up and be empowered in a welcoming and friendly environment. The forum allowed young Canadians to have a voice and contribute to shaping the country's future. The coalition for a better future in Canada was strengthened through this event, as leaders and young people came together to exchange ideas and collaborate on solutions.

What’s Next

The partnership between the Telfer School of Management and the Coalition for a Better Future holds immense potential. With ongoing research projects and initiatives, there’s a great opportunity to identify and address the most pressing issues facing Canada.

If you're interested in understanding the metrics that measure Canada’s progress in economic, social, and environmental aspects over the next ten years, the Coalition’s scorecard tracks all internationally recognized indicators. We also recommend staying up to date about Telfer’s Vision for a Better Canada.

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