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Marisha Sesto - Rising Star

Name: Marisha Sesto 
Program (and Option, if applicable): Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing, with Coop 
Year: 4th Year 
Fun fact: I have a twin brother… who loves marketing almost as much as I do!
Link to Linkedin profile (optional):

Why did you choose the Telfer School of Management? Why did you choose your program?
I chose Telfer because it was in the core of the capital city. Coming from London, Ontario, I knew it’d be an exciting change and something that could allow me to experience independence and opportunities that I wouldn’t find in London. I chose my program, Marketing with the Coop option, because I’ve always been a creative at heart, I knew business degrees provided unique opportunities, and the Coop experiences would give me an edge, to differentiate myself from my peers when it came down to knowledge, skills, and relevant work. 
Do you participate in any student clubs or associations at Telfer/uOttawa? If so, what motivates you to do so?
I do! Throughout the years, I’ve been involved as a 101 Week Guide, 101 Week Captain, VP Internal for The Entrepreneurs’ Club (TECDE), a sports delegate for JDC for 2 years, and an academic delegate for Happening Marketing. I just finished up my largest position this year as the President (Co) of the Entrepreneurs’ Club (TECDE) with my bestfriend Aveen! 
I was motivated to get involved after seeing the high-spirited, like-minded students in the lounge looking like they were having the time of their lives – even if they were just hanging out, studying. This same level of spirit and community or “family” as we called it at TECDE, runs through all club events, teams, and competitions. 
I wanted to meet new people, make new connections, and to find a group of friends that I really jived with – inside and outside of school. 
Getting involved made my university experience. When I think about my favourite moments and memories, most of them involve one of the clubs I was involved in, or one of the events I attended. The friends I truly believe I will have throughout my life, are people I met through being active in the Telfer community.  

What do you love most about the Telfer School and/or uOttawa?
The people and opportunities is what I love most about Telfer. 

Being involved, definitely. See question 2!

Also, the opportunities that Telfer provides. I’ve had an amazing experience hands-on learning the real-world skills I need through coop, gaining many valuable connections through networking, the faculty members and advisors, who go out of their way to share advice and provide mentorship, even when it’s not course-related. I could go on… 

Which class (or classes) have you taken to date that has left a particular impression with you, and why?
Digital Marketing with Jonathan Simon. We’re in a digital era, and in a marketer’s world, we need to be adaptive to the fast ever-changing environment. Jonathan gave his class a crash course on “everything” digital marketing, giving us the brief on topics and skills we need to know when we graduate. We also worked with him and PageCloud to develop our own personal brands, and build our own website and blog, using what we learn in class. This course, and Jonathan specifically, truly takes the time to set up marketing students for success in that first big interview, or first big work project. 

I also loved Personal Leadership and Development with Matt Archibald. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone, I learned a lot about myself that I didn’t know before, and definitely grew as a person in my everyday life and in a professional setting. 

Whom or what inspires you the most?
My parents definitely inspire me the most. They worked hard to get to where they are today and are successful in their careers, they are passionate about what they do everyday, and most importantly, they are happy. I look up to them everyday, they’ve set me up on my path to success and happiness, and I can’t thank them enough! 

What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?
-*Running the club that won Event of the Year, The Entrepreneurs’ Club’s Business Dinner, that was so successful that the Ottawa Business Journal even wrote about us! 

-*Being an ADM2381 Presentations TA. Helping students minimize their fears of public speaking, getting them comfortable in front of an audience, and watching their confidence spike in only a few weeks of teaching made me feel great. I’ve had many students thank me and reach out to me privately about how much it positively impacted them.  

-Completing my final coop term with Klipfolio as a Digital Marketing Specialist this summer. 

-Getting first place for JDC snow volleyball in Moncton, New Brunswick. 

What is your favourite Telfer memory/moment?
I have way too many to narrow it down to only one! 

What are you most looking forward to after completing your program?
I’m most looking forward to the continued learning and challenges that lie ahead of me. The marketing world, trends, and tools are constantly changing. I’m excited to see what trend I need to learn about next! I’m looking forward to the freedom in choosing a career opportunity that excites me everyday, that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning!  I’d also love to travel and volunteer outside of Canada! 

Do you have any advice for students considering Telfer?
Get involved. Do coop. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone – you’ll learn that much more! Ask questions. Ask for help, advice or mentoring when you need it – from Telfer faculty members, advisors, ambassadors, club executives, that’s what they’re here for! Telfer is filled with amazing people and amazing opportunities. Telfer has something for anyone. 

Are you a Telfer scholarship recipient? If so which one and what was the impact.
Yes, I received the Kevin Vollett Entrepreneurial Award/Scholarship. The money went towards my tuition, and the award went towards continuing my drive and passion for entrepreneurship and making a positive impact at Telfer and in the world. 

Also – you can follow Telfer’s LinkedIn activities here!