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A Greener Canada with Justine Hendricks | Episode 5 (In French)

In this fifth episode of the Keys to a Better Canada podcast, Quebec actress, comedian and former television host, Marie Turgeon, leads a discussion in French on what it would take to build a greener Canada for all.  
How does the international transfer of environmental technologies benefit producers and consumers? Can new export initiatives boost green trade? What is the advantage of attracting green investment? The global economy is moving toward a greener future and Canada wants to export its green and sustainable initiatives. Increasing trade in clean technologies promotes economic development, job creation, and innovation while fostering economic and climate resilience.  
Discover solutions for sustainable trading and how to create a new path towards a green economy. Hear from Justine Hendricks, Chief Corporate Sustainability Officer (CSSO) at Export Development Canada (EDC), on how a transition to green exporting can meet both economic and environmental needs.