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Humans of Telfer - Alyssa

Headshot of Alyssa

Q. As the President of CéTSC, what impact do you want to have on students, and how are you able to measure or notice the impact you are making?

A. “Overall, I want to boost student engagement in the Telfer community and help my peers have access to all the resources that are available to them during their years at Telfer.”

Q. How does the knowledge you gain as an accounting student help you in your activities at Telfer?

A. “The understanding of the subjects we cover in class is very helpful to me. On the one hand, it informs my work as President of CéTSC, as I collaborate with various vice-presidents. On the one hand, I refer to this knowledge in my conversations to explain certain accounting concepts.”

Q. Based on your 3 years at Telfer, how has Telfer contributed to your career?

A. “As a Telfer student, I have developed various skills in business and leadership. I also made new valuable friendships and connections.”

– Alyssa Bourjolly
3rd Year Accounting Student
and President, Telfer School Council 

Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York, this weekly feature of the Telfer Career Blog will contain photography of individuals from the Telfer School of Management community and a corresponding narrative that gives us a glimpse into their lives.