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How to Open Doors by Volunteering While at Telfer

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Jessica Ghattas

by Jessica Ghattas

3rd Year Accounting Student

As Telfer students, we can gain many personal and social benefits while volunteering in our community. Volunteering can also help you achieve your career aspirations. So if you find yourself having a couple of extra hours to spend, why not get involved for the following reasons:

  1. Get some experience

If you can find volunteer opportunities within an organization or charity for which you would like to work in the future or in your field of interest, volunteering can get your foot in the door. Whether in the healthcare industry, the recreational sector, or community services, volunteering can be a valuable experience. Just because you are not being paid doesn’t mean that your work is less valid or less important.

  1. Explore your options

If you are not sure what you would like to do when you graduate, volunteering with different types of organizations is a great way to test things out. You can try out different roles at various organizations, and it will give you the chance to better understand your strengths and weaknesses. The more roles you take on, the better you will understand what you want in a job after graduation.

  1. Meet new people

Since you are most likely to support a cause that you feel strongly about, your fellow volunteers may very well share your feelings. This can be a strong foundation for future friendships. There are many clubs at Telfer through which you can get involved with your community. You can also volunteer with a group of students who can become lifelong friends! You may also look at your Community Engagement Navigator in uOzone to seek out amazing upcoming opportunities. Hopefully, you take advantage of all the benefits that volunteering presents you with throughout your time at university!