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A Happier Canada with Dean Stéphane Brutus and Kathryn Tremblay | Episode 6

In this sixth episode of the Keys to a Better Canada podcast, host and CTV News Political Analyst, Scott Reid, leads a discussion on what it would take to create a happier Canada for all.

Happiness is a fundamental objective that many strive for not only as individuals but also in groups as we are, ultimately, social beings. Feelings of fulfillment, meaningfulness and joy have extended into the workplace, but this hasn’t always been the case. The days of “grind culture” and keeping your head down have been commonplace, but we have seen a shift as newer generations evolve and a new notion of work-life balance has been introduced.

How has this shift to work from home during the pandemic changed mindsets? Does this grant a unique opportunity to readjust? How has the return to work after the pandemic been reshaping our economy?

We have two experts who know all about what it takes to find happiness in the workplace and the meaning in what we do. Hear from Stéphane Brutus, Dean of the Telfer School of Management and industrial-organizational psychology expert, and Kathryn Tremblay, CEO and Co-Founder of excelHR, Altis Recruitment, Altis Technology and excelITR and Telfer BCom graduate, on what it takes to lead a happier future.