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A Greener Canada with Louis Gagnon and Justine Hendricks | Episode 4

In this fourth episode of the Keys to a Better Canada podcast, host and CTV News Political Analyst, Scott Reid, leads a discussion on what it would take to create a greener Canada for all.

Corporate leaders face the daunting, yet vital task of ensuring their businesses are “going green.” This requires not only a financial commitment, but a unique combination of vision and discipline from corporate leadership. How can we reset what it means to be a leader, both in economic and environmental terms? If Canada is going to get greener, companies are going to have to learn how to use their leverage in the marketplace to encourage greener, environmentally friendly practices.

Hear from two Strategic Leadership Cabinet members at Telfer, Louis Gagnon, CEO of Intact Financial Corporation, and Justine Hendricks, Senior Vice-President and Chief Corporate Sustainability Officer (CSSO) at Export Development Canada (EDC), on how we can combat the climate crisis and make changes which lead toward a greener future.