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Derek D. Ricci, BCom 2002

A clear path to success

For me, there’s no real secret to success. No shortcut. It’s just hard work and taking everything one day or one task at a time. I can tell you I struggled in my first year at Telfer. University was a big adjustment from high school in North Bay. But thanks to great teachers and hard work, I found my groove. 

Telfer taught me about business, but more importantly about working in teams, the importance of presenting your ideas clearly and succinctly, and hitting deadlines. This has helped me in everything since, be it graduating Law School, making full equity partner in six years, negotiating settlement of a $500 million mining dispute, or joining an elite global network of fraud and asset recovery specialists. 

I love facing challenges. Like the one that every new case brings. Meeting new clients, learning about new businesses, working with world leading experts in their field and putting a story together for the judge.

Everything I do involves working in a team. Everyone – young lawyers, senior lawyers, clerks and assistants – has an important role to play on every case. I believe that attitude is critical. There is no stopping team players that have a can-do attitude and take on new challenges with enthusiasm. I have the privilege of working with a group of truly gifted and amazing colleagues who share my passion for the law, so I share this award with them. At our firm, the work comes before any individual accomplishment.