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Telfer 2027 - Better Together

The Telfer School of Management is committed to the development of strong leaders willing and able to enact positive change, to the generation of new knowledge through research, and to the dissemination of this knowledge through better management practices and policy. This has been the Telfer story for more than fifty years. Telfer today A broad and extensive consultation with internal and external stakeholders and our community yielded the Telfer Vision for a Better Canada. This is our north star and commits us to a greener, healthier, happier and wealthier more prosperous Canada for all. Despite the turbulence that we are currently experiencing, there is a lot of momentum and energy around Telfer and an eagerness to take the next big leap forward. Better Together: Process and Consultations In this exercise, what are looking for is a roadmap to harness Telfer’s collective energy and channel it in the most effective way possible. In these turbulent times, we need dreamers and believers to show us the way. Over the coming weeks, we will be asking the broad Telfer community (i.e., faculty, staff, strategic partners, employers, alumni and our generous donors and supporters) how to define our priorities and actions for the next five years in order for us to become better, together.