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Telfer’s research community is dedicated in its efforts and drive to contribute to a greener, healthier, happier, and wealthier Canada. Over the past year we have hired several new researchers, all of whom bring valuable expertise and diverse research interests. Their innovative work goes beyond traditional approaches to business management in order to adapt to new challenges and a shifting definition of success. Listen to Shantanu Dutta, Shantanu Dutta, Vice-Dean (Research), Full Professor in Finance, and Telfer Fellow in Global Finance, as he looks back on the past year to highlight and celebrate the accomplishments of our research community. See the 2021-2022 Telfer Research full report: Follow us on social media i. Instagram: ii. Facebook: iii. Twitter (French): iv. Twitter (English): v. LinkedIn: vi. TikTok: Visit our website: Pour voir cette description en français, veuillez changer votre choix de langue au français sur votre navigateur ou directement dans YouTube. #TelferNation #TelferForABetterCanada #TelferPourUnMeilleurCanada #Greener #Healthier #Happier #Wealthier #PlusVert #PlusEnSanté #PlusHeureux #PlusProspère