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Telfer Research Excellence Awards – 2017 Recipients

Telfer Research Excellence Awards – 2017 Recipients

Jane O’Reilly - Up and Coming Researcher Award 

While still early in her academic career, Professor O'Reilly has made notable contributions to the study of informal workplace interactions and relationships. She has held a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and her work has appeared in top management journals such as the Academy of Management Review, the Journal of Management and the Journal of Applied Psychology. She studies workplace social exclusion, mistreatment and social sexual behaviours in organizations. With support from SSHRC, she examined third parties' responses to sexual harassment in the workplace and the impact on employees’ well-being of being left out of the social circle at work. Her research on mistreatment is focused on how bystanders can help (and sometimes further harm) the targets of workplace bullying and harassment. Professor O’Reilly is also a member of a new partnership research team that is examining disclosure of mental health issues in the workplace.

Lavagnon Ika - Innovative Researcher Award

Professor Ika’ research focuses on capacity building in the context of project management in developing countries. The success or failure of development projects has a lot to do with capacity building, but most researchers have paid little attention to this aspect. His most recent research that is focused on current and former project managers in Ghana, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam discovered that capacity-building projects thrive when four factors are present: high levels of multi-stakeholder commitment, collaboration, alignment, and adaptation. By identifying practical implications, Professor Ika’s research contributes to the likelihood of success of complex development projects.  The research has not surprisingly been of interest to the project management practitioner community and governmental organizations.  

Craig Kuziemsky - Established Researcher 

Professor Kuziemsky’s research focuses on innovation and process transformation in healthcare. Specifically, he looks at system transformation initiatives such as collaborative care delivery, integrated disease management, and patient-centered care. Central to this research is the move from individual to collaborative workflow in order to support patient-centered collaborative teamwork. In his research Professor Kuziemsky works with clinicians from local teaching hospitals and an international network of health informatics researchers. In 2016, he was awarded the University Research Chair in Healthcare Innovation.