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Recognizing Telfer Graduate Student Research Excellence in 2023

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Congratulations, Telfer Nation!  

We’re thrilled to celebrate the exceptional research accomplishments of our students. The dedication and hard work you’ve applied to your research goals and training this year are truly inspiring. 

We’re honoured to join you in celebrating your accomplishments. Each one of you deserves a round of applause.  

Let’s all congratulate these 2023 winners, who’ve earned awards, scholarships, and top rankings in the Telfer Graduate Research Student Thesis Competition.  

Scholarship Success 

External funding opportunities are extremely competitive. The following students received distinguished provincial and federal scholarships: 

  • Canada Graduate Scholarship (CIHR) 
    • Hannah Wotherspoon (MSc) 
  • Canada Graduate Scholarship (SSHRC) 
    • Meggie Gilmour (MSc) 
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship 
    • Ri-Hua (Sunny) Xie (MSc)  
    • Abdelmalik Aljalai (MSc)  
    • Kayleigh Jeanveau (MSc)  
    • Lea Dugal (PhD) 
    • Catherine Kadamani (MSc) 
    • Matin Najar Ashtiani (DTI, PhD) 
  • Queen Elizabeth II 
    • Ali Mahdi (PhD) 
    • Daniel Quintal-Curcic (PhD) 
    • Valentina Primossi (DTI, PhD) 
    • Tin Pham (DTI, PhD) 
    • Kimberley Nault (DTI, PhD) 

Telfer Research Awards 

Each year, Telfer offers research awards to students who demonstrate continued commitment to their research and the success of the school. 

The John Duncan and Deb Cross Award recognizes the quality and impact of a student’s publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Congratulations to recipient Mikaila Ortynsky (PhD)!

The PhD Engagement Award recognizes PhD students who exemplify engagement. Congratulations to recipients Amirhossein Moosavi (PhD) and Daniel Quintal-Curcic (PhD)!  

The François Julien Award was established by our previous dean, whose name it bears, to boost the PhD in Management Program, which he was very passionate about. This award supports Telfer’s outstanding PhD students and their research. Congratulations to recipient Niki Khorasanizadeh (PhD)! 

The Daniel Zéghal Award, created through generosity of Professor Zéghal, is associated with the CPA Canada Accounting and Governance Research Centre. It promotes research and skills development in accounting. Congratulations to recipient Mary Valdes (PhD)! 

Telfer Graduate Research Programs Thesis Competition 

On March 10, 2023, many students took part in the Graduate Research Programs Thesis Competition. They impressed us with their oral and poster presentations. The competition was stiff, but six students came out on top and received cash prizes. 

  • Oral Thesis Competition 
    • 1st: Mikaila Ortynsky (PhD) 
    • 2nd: Brynn O’Dwyer (MSc) 
    • 3rd: Marc A. Albert (MSc) 
  • Poster Thesis Competition 
    • 1st: Mariam Magdy Hussein (PhD) 
    • 2nd (tie): Daniel Quintal-Curcic (PhD) and Amirhossein Moosavi (PhD)

About the Author

Phoenix a rejoint l'équipe de Direction de la recherche de Telfer en 2021 grâce au régime travail-études. Elle est diplômée du baccalauréat spécialisé en enseignement des langues secondes et est présentement inscrite au programme de formation à l’enseignement (B.Éd.). Ses responsabilités comprennent la gestion et l'analyse de données, la rédaction d'articles, en plus d'autres tâches administratives.<br/><br/>Phoenix joined the Telfer Research Office in 2021 through the work-study program. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Second Language Teaching and is working toward a Bachelor of Education. Her responsibilities include data management and analytics, story writing, and other administrative tasks.

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