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Doug Angus is a co-investigator in a new research project focusing on nurse practitioners

Professor Doug Angus

Emeritus professor Doug Angus will collaborate in a new research project focusing on the use of an innovative care model in a geriatric population.  The work will be led by Professor Michelle Lalonde of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Ottawa and Dr. Chantal D’aoust Bernard of the Montfort Hospital.

Research Objective

The goal of this project is to evaluate the efficacy of using nurse practitioners (NPs) as most responsible providers (MRPs). It will take place at Montfort, within a unit specialized in providing post-acute convalescent care to geriatric patients. The hospital is only the third in Ontario to adopt the innovative MRP model.  Under this system, nurse practitioners can direct patient admission, treatment, and release in ways that can expand patients’ access to care while optimizing healthcare staff resources. 

About the researcher 

Douglas Angus is an emeritus professor at the Telfer School of Management of the University of Ottawa and his research interests are related to health economics, health policy, program evaluation and health care management.