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A Healthier Canada with Sarah Downey and Allen Eaves | Episode 3

In this third episode of the Keys to a Better Canada podcast, host and CTV News Political Analyst, Scott Reid, leads a discussion on what it would take to build a healthier Canada.

In Canada, access to healthcare is an ethic of citizenship and has become something that distinguishes us from our Southern neighbour, the United States. Although its accessibility is something to be proud of, there is plenty of room for improvement. The pandemic has particularly helped us recognize some of the gaps that need to be addressed. What can we do to improve our healthcare system?

How do we help our hospitals function even better? How do we balance preventative care, home care, elder care and acute care?

Hear from two healthcare leaders, Sarah Downey, the CEO of Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto and Telfer MHA alumna, and Dr. Allen Eaves, Founder of Stem Cell Technologies and University of Ottawa Honorary Doctorate recipient, on how we can tackle some of these challenges in our health systems.