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Recognizing Telfer Graduate Student Research Excellence in 2022

Golden trophy with falling confetti

Congratulations TelferNation! Recognizing the excellent research accomplishments of our students is always exciting. This year, despite the many changing regulations and rules due to covid-19, you all persevered in your research goals and training.

We are honored to be able to celebrate these accomplishments with you. You all worked extremely hard to get here and deserve a round of applause 👏🏻

Let’s all congratulate the following 2022 winners who have earned various awards, scholarships, and ranked top three in the Telfer Graduate Research Student Thesis Competition.

Scholarship Success

External funding opportunities are extremely competitive and limited. The following students were awarded distinguished provincial and federal scholarships:

  • Canada Graduate Scholarship – CIHR - Lucie Peleja (MHS)
  • Canada Graduate Scholarship – SSHRC - Marc Albert (MHS)
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship - Léa Dugal (PhD), Niki Khorasanizadeh (PhD), Mohammed Al-Ta’amneh (PhD)
  • Queen Elizabeth II - Andrew Scarffe (PhD)
  • SSHRC Storytellers Finalist – top 25 - Daniel Quintal-Curcic (PhD)

Telfer research awards

Each year the Telfer School offers Research Awards to students who demonstrate continued commitment to their research and the success of the school.

  • PhD Engagement Award - Andrew Scarffe (PhD), Amirhossein Moosavi (PhD)
  • John Duncan and Deb Cross Award - 1st prize - Elmira Mirbahaeddin (PhD), 2nd prize- Hong Qiu (PhD)
  • Daniel Zeghal Award - Lea Dugal (PhD)

Francois Julien Doctoral Award

When Telfer’s previous Dean François Julien stepped down, the François Julien Doctoral Award was created in his honour. This award was created to help fuel the PhD Management Program, for which he was very passionate about. This year, we are celebrating a student winning this award for the first time!

Congratulations Yanhong Li (PhD), you deserve it!

Student Thesis Competition

On March 11, 2022, many students took part in the virtual Graduate Research Programs Thesis Competition and impressed us with their intriguing presentations. The competition was fierce, but three students ranked among the top 3 presenters and received cash prizes.

  • Yanhong Li (PhD) – 1st prize, $3000
  • Daniel Quintal-Curcic (PhD) and Mary Cathryn Espadero (MHS) – tied for 2nd prize, $1500 each