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Kyle Braatz (BCom '09): A Leader in Online Healthcare Software with Fullscript

Kyle Braatz with Stéphane Brutus and the moderator for the CEO of the Year Breakfast 
Kyle Braatz is a name that’s been making headlines in the world of social enterprises and online health-care platforms. Braatz, the CEO of Fullscript, has been named 2022 Ottawa Business Journal and Ottawa Board of Trade CEO of the Year for his remarkable leadership and vision. A former Telfer School of Management student, he’s had a journey nothing short of inspiring.  

BCom student to cancer fundraiser champion 

Braatz enrolled at Telfer on his father’s advice, even though he’d dreamed of becoming a firefighter like his father and grandfather. At the school, he immersed himself in various student activities and events, such as case competitions.  
Braatz’s desire to do something meaningful was ignited after Kyle Braatz during the question period of the CEO of the Year Breakfasthis grandfather passed away from liver cancer. The tragedy inspired Braatz to take a year off school to lead a cross-Canada fundraiser for cancer research, which raised an impressive $150,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society

This fuelled Braatz’s entrepreneurial passion and led him to start Simple Story Videos, a web development company. But he didn’t stop there. Braatz wanted to use his skills and knowledge to make a difference in the world of health care.

Fullscript: Braatz's Healthcare Software Success 

Inspired by the success of Shopify, Braatz set out to launch a platform for Canadian health practitioners. Recognizing the potential for technology to revolutionize the health-care industry, he envisioned a social enterprise that would have a positive impact on Canadian health care. He co-founded Fullscript, which now offers online platforms for practitioners across North America. Kyle Braatz answering a question during the CEO of the Year Breakfast

Fullscript’s growth over the past decade has been nothing short of remarkable. The company has become a multinational enterprise with more than 900 employees across North America and annual revenue exceeding US$600 million. Today, it’s a leading player in online health care, providing practitioners with tools to improve patient outcomes. 
Yet when Fullscript expanded its operations to the United States, the company faced an initial setback. This highlighted the importance of understanding the intricacies of the health-care landscape and the specific requirements of practitioners and users. 

What sets Fullscript apart from other health-care software firms is its focus on social impact (for example, providing nutritional supplements and treatment plans to millions of patients, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic), which has driven the company's growth and success. 

Leading Fullscript with Purpose and Vision

Braatz’s leadership has led Fullscript to make bold strategic moves, including setting an ambitious goal of reaching a billion dollars in annual revenue. 

As a CEO, Braatz has fostered a culture of optimism and empowerment within his team, encouraging members to pursue excellence and innovation. He aims to transform the way health care is delivered and accessed by enabling practitioners and patients to access high-quality supplements, prescriptions and educational resources online, and to create a lasting legacy of social good. 

Creating a CEO shadow program 

Braatz has always been committed to giving back to young students. That’s why he’s created the CEO Shadow Internship Program, which gives Telfer students a chance to shadow CEOs of leading companies, learning from experienced business leaders. Initially skeptical, Braatz eventually saw the value in the program. 
Alex Grondin 
The winner of the 2023 CEO shadow project, Alex Grondin, is a fourth-year BCom finance student at Telfer. He is also enrolled in the seminar course on Personal Development and Leadership (ADM 4396) 
Through the shadowing program, Braatz has demonstrated his commitment to Telfer students and his belief in the power of mentorship.  

A Well-Deserved Recognition 

Kyle Braatz's entrepreneurial journey is nothing short of inspiring. From his days as a business student at Telfer to his current role as the CEO of Fullscript, Braatz's commitment to social enterprise Canada has been evident throughout his career. His positive leadership style and entrepreneurial spirit have driven Fullscript's growth and success, and his vision for the company's future is nothing short of audacious.  

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