Strategic Areas of Expertise

The Telfer School defines a Strategic Area of Expertise (SAE) as a distinctive, relevant and sustainable platform for achieving national and international reputation in research, teaching and outreach. The objective is to create “full spectrum” SAEs that range from basic and applied research, pedagogy to program delivery and outreach.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

By focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation, the School aims to make a meaningful contribution to the economic prosperity of Canada and the region, and to help advance the commercialization of R&D. The School’s research activities, programs and initiatives are aligned to enable participation in the policy & regulatory conversation, and to generate an entrepreneurial and ‘intrapreneurial’ attitude in our graduates.

Our expertise in this area includes:

Research leaders:

Collaborative research

Health Systems Management

The Telfer School aims contribute solutions to Canada’s health challenges and to advance dialogue on healthcare policy. A principal focus is to create and validate enabling technologies, processes and practices and to generate management expertise that improves healthcare costs and outcomes. Long-standing relationships exist with the Faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Health Sciences, and hospitals in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Support to this strategic area is provided by:  

Analytics & Performance

The school aims to generate the necessary skills for our graduates to gain insight from data to lead and manage change and performance. Business analytics and performance management can foster improved organizational productivity, especially in the areas where society is facing pressing problems such as in health care, energy, and the environment. Contributions in this field can also help shape public policy directions.

We advance our work in this area through:

Academic leadership:

Collaborative research