Research centres, groups and laboratories

Our research groups connect to practice settings and combine expertise across disciplines to increase the impact of research beyond the academic world.

C-CHANGE (Coastal Change)

Professor Dan Lane is the Co-Director (Canada) of C-Change (“Coastal Change”). This International Development Research Centre / Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council project links community members and university researchers from Canada with members of the Caribbean community in support of research on coastal adaptation to environmental change including the impacts of storm surge and sea-level rise on susceptible coastal communities.

C-FOAM (Canadian Fisheries, Oceans and Aquaculture Management)

C-FOAM is an interconnected network of experts committed to the critical review, analysis, and research of fisheries, oceans and aquaculture management policies in Canada and internationally. Its members specialize in integrating science and social science as pertains to operational management and strategic research questions in marine fisheries, oceans, and aquaculture. The network is headed by Dr. Lane.

The CGA-Canada Accounting and Governance Research Centre

The Centre sponsors accounting research through funding by the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada (CGA-Canada), the Telfer School and the University of Ottawa. Current projects centre on, among other areas, governance, transparency and disclosure, enterprise risk management, and sustainable development, family-owned firms, and accounting for intellectual capital. Professor Walid Ben Amar is the Executive Director.

Corporate Risk Disclosures in a Global Context

(strategic research cluster)

Professor Kaouthar Lajili will lead a new research cluster examining how corporate operational and business risk management disclosures were impacted by the 2007-2008 international financial crisis. The team will carry out an in-depth analysis of the attributes, determinants and market performance implications of corporate operational and business risk disclosure during the financial crisis.

Executive Presence: Defining an Elusive Leadership Quality

(strategic research cluster)

Professor Silvia Bonaccio leads a study examining executive presence and the impact of non-verbal behaviour of men and women leaders. This project will contribute towards a better understanding of an elusive leadership trait and provide important insights for executive development. 

IBM Centre for Business Analytics and Performance (CBAP)

The Centre’s principal investigators consist of a multidisciplinary group of researchers from Telfer School of Management, School of Information Technology and Engineering (SITE) and IBM. CBAP brings together Canadian and International researchers, academics and industry to provide leadership in curriculum development and research in Business Analytics and Performance. The Centre is led by professor Greg Richards.

Managing for Sustainability

Management is the thread that pulls together diverse academic communities in pursuit of the “triple bottom line.” Faculty currently have projects dealing with energy use and climate change, sustainable management, sustainable marketing, sustainable accounting and governance, and environmental entrepreneurship, among other areas.

Organics: Opportunities and Challenges

Professors Leila Hamzaoui-Essoussi and Mehdi Zahaf are researching the organic food market structure, seeking to understand how it impacts local production, retail sales as well as consumer purchasing behaviour. They examine the market potential for organic food products at the level of producers, intermediaries, and consumers.