Silvia Bonaccio (Ian Telfer Professor of Workplace Psychology). This professorship was created to advance research, education programs and outreach with the community in the areas of psychological sciences applied to workplace dynamics. Her research focuses on the factors that promote positive advising interactions, such as characteristics of advisors, decision-makers, and the framing of advice.

Mark Freel (RBC Financial Group Professor in the Commercialization). Professor Freel is a recognized researcher and has undertaken different projects on behalf of European regional, national and supra-national government bodies. His current research is concerned with innovation policy and practice in relation to small and medium sized firms, and with the role of universities in innovation systems.

Jonathan Linton (Power Corporation Professor in the Management of Technological Enterprises). His research focuses on managing emerging technologies and on closed-loop supply chains. Dr. Linton’s work with emerging technologies has focused on areas such as opportunity recognition, forecasting, valuation for decision support, recognition and assessment of technical competencies and managerial capabilities, process technologies and advanced materials.

Laurent Lapierre (Ian Telfer Professor of Human Performance and Well-Being in Organizations). This professorship will advance research, education programs and outreach with the community in the areas of organizational behavior and human resources management. His research focuses on work-family conflict as well as on and leadership, and in particular the influence that followers can have on leaders.

Judith Madill (Paul Desmarais Professorship). The author of over 75 refereed research papers in the marketing and management fields, Madill has focused much of her recent work on social marketing, social entrepreneurship and sponsorship. She is a frequently invited speaker on marketing in both the academic and practitioner worlds and is a recent winner of awards for both teaching and research.

Barbara Orser (Deloitte Professorship in the Management of Growth Enterprises). Orser is leading research on small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) growth, including entrepreneurial decision-making, gender influences, internationalization of SMEs, and public policy. She and Catherine Elliott wrote Feminine Capital. Unlocking the Power of Women Entrepreneurs (Stanford University Press, 2015).

Allan Riding (Deloitte Professorship in the Management of Growth Enterprises; with Barbara Orser). This professorship was established to develop a better understanding of the business characteristics, strategies and environments that drive enterprise growth. Dr. Riding’s primary research is on the financing of small and medium-sized firms. His research interests include bank financing, loan-guarantee programs, business angels, and venture capital.