Professor Lamia Chourou, Certified General Accountants (CGA) of Ontario Fellow, focuses her research on capital markets, and in particular, fair value accounting, corporate governance and executive compensation. She holds Ph.D. degrees in Accounting (Queen's University) and Finance (University of Tunis).

Professor Shujun Ding, Telfer Excellence Fellow, teaches management and financial accounting. His main research interests include judgment and decision-making in accounting contexts, corporate governance, and accounting and finance issues in small business.

Professor Sylvain Durocher holds the Logan Katz Fellowship in recognition of his excellence in teaching and research. His work deals with accounting standard-setting, which he studies from the perspective of organizational theory and organizational behaviour theory.

Professor Laurent Lapierre, Telfer Research Fellow, focuses his research on the causes and consequences of work-life conflict, and the reasons behind why some managers are better leaders than others. Professor’s Lapierre’s past honours include the Excellence in Education Prize.