Industry research collaboration award

Leila Hamzaoui-Essoussi is Co-Principal Investigator on a University Industry Research Collaboration Award (U-IRCA) in collaboration with the United Emieres Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

  • Optimizing Nation-City-Corporate-Product Brand Fit for the UAE: The Effects of Consumer Familiarity, Perceived Country Values, and Product Origin on Buyer Behaviour

Telfer-Sprott Research Fund recognizes marketing team  

Leila Hamzaoui of Telfer and Nicolas Papadopoulos of Sprott School of Business will use funding from the Telfer-Sprott Research Fund to investigate “Investment Promotion Agencies, Nation Branding, Investment Advertising, Location Promotion, Place Marketing, and Other Approaches to Attracting Foreign Investment: Too much, too little, or too confused?” They were announced as winner of the fund, with A. El Banna (Carleton) at the annual Telfer-Sprott Research Forum.